Geek Bar Pulse: The Disposable Vape Device You Need



In the vaping community, terms like “revolutionary” tend to be overused. Every product can’t be truly groundbreaking, even in an industry that’s still relatively new and growing rapidly. Out of all the exceptions, the Geek Bar Pulse stands out. People aren’t exaggerating when they say this gadget will transform the game.

With its two distinct vaping modes and innovative smart screen that displays the device’s battery life and e-liquid level, the Geek Bar Pulse breaks new ground as the first disposable vape. Though it didn’t hit the market until late 2023, almost every disposable vaporizer that has come out since then has mimicked either of those qualities. Yet, the vaping world has duly recognized the merit of the Geek Bar Pulse, since it was the first of its kind.

Is the idea of a disposable vape that allows you to personalize your vaping experience similar to that of a vape mod appealing to you? You could find what you’re looking for at the¬†Geek Bar Pulse for sale. Here, we’ll have a look at why you should purchase this innovative gadget.

What Sets the Geek Bar Pulse Apart from the Others?

When compared to other disposable vaporizers, the Geek Bar Pulse stands out thanks to two notable features.

For the first time ever, you can customize your disposable vape to your liking by switching between single- and dual-coil configurations, according to your preferred vapor production and flavor strength. Toggle between the two modes with the bottom-mounted switch. The Geek Bar pulse, when set to its default mode, provides a gentler vaping experience and has a maximum battery life of 15,000 puffs. With up to 7,500 puffs in Pulse Mode, the Geek Bar Pulse produces bigger and tastier clouds.

You can see how much e-liquid is left and when you’ll need to charge the battery on the first ever disposable vape with a smart display. Disposable vapes’ lack of feedback is a long-standing problem. Unless you keep an eye on the flavor and amount of vapor produced, you won’t be able to tell when the e-liquid in most disposable vapes is going to run out. With a digital meter that slowly depletes as you deplete the device’s supply of vape juice, the Geek Bar Pulse removes this potential source of confusion.

Exactly What Is the Geek Bar Pulse?

Using the Geek Bar Pulse shouldn’t take you long at all, even if you’ve never smoked a cigarette before. But, unlike most other disposable vapes, this one has various settings; so, this little tutorial will serve to familiarize you with it.


  • Carefully removing the Geek Bar Pulse from its packaging is the first step in using it. Cut the top strip of the box in half. Take the inner pouch out and open it. Detach the mouthpiece from the silicone cap.


  • Simply slide the bottom tab of the Geek Bar Pulse into the middle or top position to activate it. The Geek Bar Pulse is unlike other disposable vapes in that it has an on/off button rather than a sticker. To turn off the device, put the tab to the top. Your device’s screen should activate as soon as you drag the tab.


  • Take a puff on the vape pen. When you first start vaping, it’s best to take it easy compared to smoking a cigarette. The Geek Bar Pulse has the potential to gurgle or spit e-liquid into your mouth if you apply excessive air pressure.


  • Just flick the switch on the bottom of the Geek Bar Pulse to adjust its settings. The three settings are as follows: off, regular (up to 15,000 puffs), and pulse (up to 7,500 puffs with double the vapor production), starting from the bottom (Close) position.


  • The Geek Bar Pulse may be charged by connecting it to a computer via a USB-C cable when the battery indicator shows empty.


  • You should prepare to replace the gadget shortly when the e-liquid indication is almost empty. When the Geek Bar Pulse starts to smell and taste extremely burned, it means that the vape juice has run out.


The disposable vape devices offered by Geek Bar Pulse provide a fun and easy method for vapers to experience their favorite tastes. As an added bonus, vapers now have access to an extraterrestrial cosmos of flavor possibilities thanks to the Space Mary flavors. The Geek Bar Pulse is an ideal portable vaporizer for people who are always on the move, thanks to its small size, ability to hold a lot of e-liquid, and extended battery life.


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